Have you noticed your annual leave can go on and on …….


PULSE_Have you noticed your annual...Not sure if this bugs everyone else but…. I have just had some annual leave and stayed in a number of locations, ate at a range of restaurants, did some tours etc – all booked online with contact details as you do! Now I am inundated with feedback requests and reminders for feedback.

Feedback is important  – but seriously, the questions need to lead to something more than a rating and a testimonial to publish.  And they need to be pro-actively analysed and used to create change.

This newsletter , in my reading file, was saved for a reason I have realised and so it is re-published to reinforce the need for a re-think on the whole “recommendation” process.

With thanks to Leading Matters whose networking lunches are some of the smartest programs I have ever attended – I am including the entire content of the newsletter here and, more importantly I am adding a link to this message in the surveys I have completed to date because the points are important. Note this is not a testimonial on behalf of an ITCRA Member or Supporter – it is just something I think is really worth considering.

Have you noticed this question in surveys?

“Would you recommend us to others?” 

Some would argue it’s the “ultimate question”. We’d argue that it depends on why you’re asking it.

If your business seeks to engage with clients and is committed to continuous improvement, this question, on its own, is flawed.

Why?  3 reasons:

  1. If the answer is “yes”, do you know why they would recommend?
  2. If the answer is “no”, do you know why not?
  3. If the answer is “yes” does the respondent know how to recommend? 

A solution:
  Add the following questions

  • What is it about <xxx> that makes you happy to recommend us?
  • What can we do to improve to earn your recommendation?

If it’s a written survey, add:

  • Would you be OK if we contacted you personally about your responses?

If the survey is anonymous, include a Yes/No option for this question and provision for contact details.

Don’t just use the standard format every time – the questions must be relevant so ensure you are:

  • developing engaging questionnaires for surveys
  • reviewing your survey process to maximise client engagement and feedback

And yes we have taken note of this for surveys ITCRA issues to Members and you have permission to call us to account if the questions lead nowhere or feedback doesn’t result in change.